Need to recover RAW external hard drive rapidly?

Are you completely unable to access data from your RAW external hard drive? The reason behind this inaccessibility of data is file system damage. Most of us know what a file system is. But still let us take a quick look at the importance of it. Most importantly file systems that are found in a computer system store on them a set of files. These files can be retrieved and updated as and when the user wants. So file system plays a very important role in managing these certain set of files. When this crucial part of a system gets corrupt due to one or the other reason, the files stored on it become completely inaccessible. This is certainly an annoying situation. You will obviously get irritated when you will not be able to reach the files which are highly important to you. But you need to be little patient. Whenever you face a situation where in you will be not be able to read your precious files, just employ Recover RAW Partition software which can help you perform RAW external hard drive recovery rapidly without any hassle. It is highly recommended by many industry experts as it can retrieve Windows 7 RAW drive within a very less time span.

RAW external hard drive recovery becomes simple by using Recover RAW Partition software. External hard drive enters the RAW state when the file system of it gets damaged at certain point of time. File system damage usually takes place due to improper disconnection of the external hard drive from a system. This normally results due to user mistakes. After or while transferring crucial data from external hard drive to a computer system if the user unplugs the external device in a harsh manner then the file system will get damaged to an extreme extent. Damage also takes place to a file system if the device to which the user connects his external drive gets turned off all of a sudden while the process of file transfer is still running. These dreadful situations affect the file system of an external hard drive temporarily. These can be easily got rid of and RAW external hard drive recovery can be carried out with the help of recover RAW partition tool.

If you really want to protect your file system from getting damaged just don�t connect your external hard drive to a system which is absolutely affected with a lot of viruses. If at all the hard disk of that host device is containing bad sectors, then keep your portable hard drive away from such a device. Unfortunately if you find your file system damaged even after following these rules then use this powerful product to accomplish RAW external hard drive recovery successfully.

You should try this application if you are not able to access data from external hard drive of Maxtor, Kingston, Western Digital or Seagate brand. This software will help you get back different file types such as JPG, MPEG, MP4, MP3 and MOV that are unreadable due to file system corruption. To perform RAW external hard drive recovery on Windows and Mac machines this is the best utility.

Steps to recover RAW external hard drive:

Step 1: Pick "Recover Files" option from the first screen and then select the "Recover Lost Files" option from the next screen

RAW External Hard Drive Recovery - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Choose the external hard drive that you have connected to your system in this screen.

RAW External Hard Disk Drive Restoration - External Drive Selection Screen

Figure B: External Hard Drive Selection Screen

Step 3: Soon after the termination of scanning process a screen will pop up that will contain all the recovered files. Click on data view or file type view and then double click on any file type to preview it. To save the recovered file on your desktop buy the application.

Get Back Data from RAW External Hard Drive - View Recovered Files

Figure C: View Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
and Above