Get rid of RAW partition problems with few mouse clicks:

A RAW partition is a severely corrupt partition from which you cannot access any of your file types at any cost. Huge data is lost as a result of this partition corruption. But data lost when the partition becomes a RAW one can be restored without any problem. Data becomes inaccessible when the partition becomes RAW due to an affected file system. To overcome file system corruption problem and to recover corrupted RAW partition here is a tool which is popularly known as Recover RAW partition. This software will definitely get you back any file type which is unreachable due to RAW corrupted partition. To retrieve data from RAW hard drive partition such as FAT and ExFAT you must use this product.

Partition corruption takes place due to various reasons. It may take place due to boot sector corruption, MBR corruption, user mistakes and power outages. Among these MBR corruption is mostly dreadful. MBR is nothing but Master Boot Record which comes into the picture when one wants to start the OS. This boot record gets corrupt many times due to virus infections and power failures. When this gets corrupt due to virus infections or power failure the partition also gets damaged. This lead to the loss of data in that partition. Partition also gets corrupt when the user removes certain important files from it. These are some of the most common causes for partition corruption. To overcome these causes or problems and to recover corrupted RAW partition you can use this powerful software.

A corrupted RAW partition results due to the reasons that are mentioned above. But these causes can be avoided by taking certain strict measures. To protect partition from getting damaged you need to first protect your system MBR. As stated earlier when MBR gets damaged hard drive partition also gets damaged. So if you become successful in protecting your computer MBR then you can definitely safeguard your hard disk partition. There are also certain other measures such as you can use a UPS to keep your system on when power failure happens suddenly. This will protect all the files that you have stored on your HDD partition. You can also avoid partition corruption by running a strong and trustworthy antivirus application on your computer. Do not push out files from your system HDD partition as their removal may sometimes result in partition corruption. If in future you forget to follow these rules and end up losing one of your HDD partition then buy this tool and recover corrupted RAW partition.

By using this product you can easily overcome some error messages such as "sector not found" and "Disk not formatted. Do you want to format now?" and recover corrupted RAW partition within few minutes. This can help you restore files from RAW partitions such as NTFS5, NTFS4, FAT16, FAT32 etc.

Steps to recover corrupted RAW partition:

Step 1: Select the option of "Recover Drives" from the main screeen and then choose the option of "Partition Recovery" from the immediate next screen

Recover Corrupted RAW Partition - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Choose your RAW partition from this screen and let the scanning process to begin.

Get Back Corrupted RAW Partition - Partition Selection Screen

Figure B: Partition Selection Screen

Step 3: In the preview browser preview the restored data and then finally save these data on your Windows computer soon after purchasing this utility.

Recover Broken RAW Partition - Save Recovered Files

Figure C: Save Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
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